1. Water Resources
    Drummond Carpenter staff have decades of experience in dealing with multidisciplinary water resources issues. Our clients have included various governmental organizations, educational institutions, attorneys, private industry, and non-profit organizations. Projects have included environmental resource value protection, sediment transport and analysis, watershed planning and management, springs protection, water quality improvements, and water supply protection.
  2. Modeling
    Drummond Carpenter staff have strong expertise developing, calibrating, and applying various surface and groundwater models. Our clients have included various governmental organizations, legal entities, and private industry. Projects have included the development of HEC-RAS models to assess infrastructure performance and environmental flows; SWMM modeling of water flow and quality in urban areas; RESRAD modeling as part of low-level waste repository performance assessments; MODFLOW and FEFLOW modeling to predict contaminant plume migration and attenuation; and HELP modeling to evaluate potential percolation through constructed waste disposal facilities. Groundwater model simulations have included multi-phase flow, dissolved organics and inorganics, and radionuclides. Drummond Carpenter staff have provided third-party review of models and expert witness testimony regarding groundwater and surface water modeling.
  3. Green Infrastructure
    Drummond Carpenter has the expertise and experience necessary to assist communities in planning, designing, and implementing green infrastructure. Our clients have included municipal governments, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. Projects have included conceptual design and community planning; rain garden design and construction; green infrastructure hydrologic modeling; and performance monitoring of urban green infrastructure retrofits. From community design meetings to complex modeling, our staff can provide full service green infrastructure services and is strengthened by our collaboration with the Great Lakes Stormwater Management Institute and Lawrence Technological University in Southfield MI.
  4. Environmental Assessment and Remediation
    Drummond Carpenter staff are experienced in the assessment and remediation of media contaminated with various constituents including metals, chlorinated organic chemicals, petroleum hydrocarbons, and emerging pollutants. Using either industry standards or customized codes, our staff are well versed in applying models to simulate the fate and transport of contaminants to either design or optimize various groundwater treatment technologies.