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Senior Environmental Scientist Katie Bowes Joins DC Team

A seasoned biologist with proven experience working in public and private sectors is the latest addition to Drummond Carpenter’s talented team of engineers and scientists.

Katie Bowes, our Senior Staff Environmental Scientist, has an extensive background in municipal environmental and stormwater management issues, implementing innovative water quality treatment projects across Florida.

Her seven years of direct experience in large-scale ecosystem restoration and management of marine, estuarine, and riverine habitats, along with her previous work at federal and local levels provides us the ability to offer new environmental services to our clients. Katie’s strong background as a former environmental program coordinator for a large municipality also offers a well-rounded perspective on tackling complex environmental and regulatory challenges.

Katie has a master’s degree in Wetland and Aquatic Biogeochemistry from Louisiana State University, where she studied the fate of pollutant loads and their interactions in marine and wetland ecosystems. While working for Martin County for the past several years, Katie employed these concepts to develop retrofit plans for aging stormwater infrastructure and guide science-based approaches to new stormwater management and water quality treatment opportunities. Katie also is heavily involved in state and federal environmental policy matters under the Clean Water Act.

Katie’s hobbies include scuba diving, hiking, birding, traveling, and eating good food. Her favorite place she has traveled to is Puerto Rico, where she hiked waterfalls in El Yunque National Forest and snorkeled along the reefs in Culebra.


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