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DC staff present their recent nitrate isotope analysis work at the 2021 FSA Winter Conference

Congratulations, Olivia Warren and Dr. Marion Divers on your talk at the Florida Stormwater Association Winter 2021 Conference, “Springs Protection Assessment Using Nitrate Isotope Analysis!”

Olivia and Marion brought perspective and insight to the presentation gained from their work on projects that quantified nitrate sources to groundwater aquifers, streams, and stormwater runoff. This presentation aimed to help municipal managers and practitioners evaluate the usefulness of nitrate isotope analysis for local projects. Water resource professionals increasingly utilize stable isotope-based analyses to help characterize and

understand pollutant fate and transport. 

Dual nitrate isotope analysis can distinguish the proportionate contribution of nitrogen sources (e.g., fertilizer, septic, atmospheric) to  surface water and groundwater. This is advantageous for work on Florida springs where conventional identification of land practices contributing to water quality impairment can be confounded by the mixing of multiple sources and degradation processes that alter nitrogen signatures.

If you have any questions, please contact Olivia Warren, GIT or Marion Divers, PhD, PG.


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