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DC Staff Member Katie Bowes, PWS on Obtaining Her Professional Wetland Scientist Certification!

Congratulations to staff member Katie Bowes, PWS on obtaining her Professional Wetland Scientist certification! Katie has a Masters degree in Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, specializing in Wetland Biogeochemistry, and has practiced wetland science for the past 7 years within the federal, local, and private sectors. Drummond Carpenter is pleased to provide expanded wetland-related services to our clients and looks forward to participating in wetland preservation and restoration efforts across the U.S.

The Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS) is an international organization whose mission is to certify wetland professionals who meet the highest standards for education, experience, and ethics in the practice of wetland science. The certification program is accredited by the Council of Engineering and Science Specialty Boards. Click here to see Katie’s feature in the SWS Professional Certification Program Spring Newsletter!

Link: SWSPCP Spring Newsletter March (

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