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DC joins project team for Pittsburgh, PA's Homewood Park Renovation Stormwater Management Design

Drummond Carpenter is a proud team member focusing on an innovative stormwater management design as part of the Homewood Park renovation project. Proposed renovations for Homewood Park include:

  • Site engineering for the development of a combined, regulation-size football and baseball field, seating and site-wide ADA accessibility

  • Structural engineering for retaining walls surrounding the site

  • Relocation of existing pool and bathhouse/ locker room to accommodate field renovations

  • Site-wide stormwater management solutions, including cisterns or r-tanks under the athletic fields

  • Connection to the Martin Luther King Jr. Busway and renovated pedestrian bridge to Westinghouse Park

  • Cultural/ performance space with connections to the Afro American Music Institute

  • Playground and multi-purpose courts for various youth activities

The project team is anticipating a minimum 18-month design process prior to beginning construction. Drummond Carpenter looks forward to our involvement in this project!


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